The Daily Signal Reaches 100 Millionth Visitor as It Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

The Daily Signal Reaches 100 Millionth Visitor as It Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

Digital-first multimedia news outlet continues to expand reach to new audiences with high-quality news and commentary

Jun 3, 2019 2 min read

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Daily Signal today marks five years since its 2014 launch. The innovative multimedia news site was founded by The Heritage Foundation to provide news, policy analysis, and conservative commentary “in a fresh, visually rich, readable format.”


In five years, The Daily Signal has reached 100 million users who’ve logged more than 260 million page views. In addition, Daily Signal videos have been viewed more than 400 million times.


The Daily Signal’s uncompromising journalistic standard-keeping has quickly made it a trusted news outlet, even while remaining unapologetically conservative. The Daily Signal recently received a perfect rating from NewsGuard—the respected media industry analyst and media literacy advocate—for its faithful transparency, quality, and ethics.


“Five years ago, Heritage took a bold risk and launched its own multimedia news outlet,” said Rob Bluey, vice president of communications at The Heritage Foundation and executive editor of The Daily Signal. “In the years since, we have watched the media landscape change dramatically. But through it all, The Daily Signal has consistently provided credible news reporting and influential commentary on policy issues from a conservative perspective.”


Bluey served as editor-in-chief of The Daily Signal from its founding in 2014 until earlier this year, when Katrina Trinko, longtime managing editor, assumed the post.


“At a time when more and more Americans are looking for solid journalism about the government policies that affect their lives, The Daily Signal is uniquely positioned to report the stories that matter,” said Trinko. “We’re excited for another five years of expert analysis and original reporting—delivered by video, text, podcast, and whatever new media emerge in the coming years.”


The Daily Signal is on the leading edge reporting the day’s most important news, but it has carved a unique niche telling the underreported stories of people behind the news who traditional media sometimes miss or ignore.


A recent report featuring a Connecticut girl who was pushed out of a state track-and-field championship when two male athletes finished first and second in a girls’ race was one of very few extended treatments of the “other side” of the transgender debate in athletics. The Daily Signal has also made its mark giving voice to victims of state suppression of free speech and religious freedom, survivors of abortion, and radical feminists and lesbians who are being marginalized by transgender activism.


“When we first conceived The Daily Signal, we said our competitive advantage was its home within a think tank,” said Bluey. “That remains true today, giving us unmatched expertise from policy experts and a talented team of reporters.”


Looking ahead to the next decade or more, The Daily Signal has a robust engagement plan to grow its traditional conservative audience and to broaden reach to new audiences, including women, minorities, and younger readers, listeners, and viewers through its various existing and emerging content platforms.

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