Heritage President Praises Commitment to America Policy Agenda

Heritage President Praises Commitment to America Policy Agenda

Sep 22, 2022 1 min read

WASHINGTON—Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts made the following statement Thursday about the Commitment to America policy agenda released by House Republicans.

“The American people are demanding commonsense solutions after living through nearly two years of the radical Left’s disastrous policies. Fortunately, conservatives in Washington are coming to the rescue. From putting parents in charge and reversing inflation to securing the border and countering Communist China, the Commitment to America is a welcome plan for the 118th Congress.


“We need more leaders who have the courage to put forward an agenda, and I applaud Leader McCarthy for encouraging his caucus to do so. Conservatives expect both a plan from congressional leaders and the commitment to follow through on that plan.


“The Heritage Foundation is proud to have worked with Leader McCarthy on this agenda and we are ready to fight for these ideas in the next Congress.”

Earlier this year, The Heritage Foundation released its Fighting for America’s Future strategic priorities, which include:

  • Empower parents to make education choices
  • Secure America’s borders and reduce crime
  • Ensure free and fair elections
  • Reverse the growth of regulations, spending, and inflation
  • Counter the threat of Communist China
  • Hold Big Tech accountable
  • Protect unborn life and family formation

Read more about the seven strategic priorities here.

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