Fighting for America’s Future


Fighting for America’s Future

Mar 30th, 2022 3 min read

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The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action are fighting to save America. Conservatives must set the agenda, earn a mandate for that agenda, and govern accordingly. Over the next three years, we will engage, along with our allies, in Washington and in the states. We are committed to restoring human flourishing through self-governance for all Americans and championing the policies that get us there.

Today, we’re casting a vision for seven of the most important challenges facing America—some familiar and others new. Policymakers must address these challenges to make America solvent, stronger, and safer today and for generations to come.

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Empower Parents to Make Education Choices

The education system is failing our children—from the scourge of woke ideas like critical race theory and gender ideology to the lack of accountability and transparency. Parents, not bureaucrats, should be making teaching and learning decisions that align with their values. Taxpayer dollars should help students succeed, not prop up school systems. The entire Heritage enterprise will spearhead reforms at the state level to ensure parental rights and expand school choice and work to narrow the federal government’s role, ultimately eliminating the U.S. Department of Education.

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Secure America’s Borders and Reduce Crime

Upholding the rule of law is paramount for a healthy society. The American people should be able to live peacefully without constant fear of crime or incursions across our borders. A strong justice system enforces existing U.S. law, prosecutes criminals, secures our borders, and preserves our national identity. America’s current crime and border crisis is out of control and the human costs are staggering. The Heritage enterprise will expose the threats posed by criminals and illegal immigrants and take steps at the federal and state level to restore the rule of law.

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Ensure Free and Fair Elections

The right to vote in a free and fair election is the most basic civil right. Americans can have confidence in election outcomes only if they trust that the process is fair. Heritage will restore faith in elections and protect the right to vote for all Americans by advocating for commonsense reforms in the states like requiring an ID to vote and ending the practice of vote trafficking. We will always oppose a federal takeover of our elections by Washington, D.C. elites.

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Reverse the Growth of Regulations, Spending, and Inflation

Government spending, regulations, and inflation are a tax on all Americans, especially working families who struggle to make ends meet. Prudent fiscal decisions can enable American families to flourish without politicians and bureaucrats controlling our lives. The Heritage enterprise will advance a blueprint to reduce the size and scope of the federal government, spend less of our money, and save us from falling off the fiscal cliff.

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Counter the Threat of Communist China

The Chinese Communist Party is the most persistent and consequential threat facing the American people today even as Vladimir Putin deserves the world’s unmitigated scorn in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. China is expanding its military and stealing American jobs and technology, posing a direct threat to our security and prosperity. We will expose China’s aggressive military buildup, growing cyber capabilities, gross violations of human rights, and rising use of global economic coercion. We will push for concrete steps—like resurrecting the China Initiative in DOJ and barring members of the Chinese Communist Party from national security-related research funded by federal contracts and grants. To preserve our freedom, the Heritage enterprise will advance policy to confront China’s attack on American interests and values, develop a China-resistant economy, and ensure our capabilities during this great power competition.

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Hold Big Tech Accountable

Big Tech is an enemy of the people, actively undermining everything great about America. Tech giants and social media companies censor facts later deemed to be true, collude with authoritarian governments, and side with woke elites to disproportionately silence conservatives. The Heritage enterprise will put power back in the hands of the American people by holding Big Tech accountable using antitrust and other laws and proposing new measures to end its abuses.

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Protect Unborn Life and Family Formation

Every child conceived deserves to be born to a married mother and father who will love, guide, and protect them throughout their lives. But family breakdown and rampant abortion has torn at the soul of our country and sapped it of strength and moral authority. Radical ideologies that deny social and biological truths about sexual embodiment, marriage, and unborn life have poisoned our courts, our culture, and our laws. The Heritage enterprise will mobilize and advance policies at the state and federal level to restore the nuclear family to the center of American life and to reduce both the demand and supply for abortion at all stages of human development with courage and compassion.

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