Heritage Foundation VP Reacts to Virginia Election Results

Heritage Foundation VP Reacts to Virginia Election Results

Nov 3, 2021 1 min read

WASHINGTON—The Heritage Foundation’s Tommy Binion, vice president of government relations, made the following statement about Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin’s victory Tuesday.

“Virginians showed up on Election Day to send a clear message by rejecting the Democrats’ big-government socialism and instead electing a conservative who promises to pursue policies that empower parents and workers. Congratulations to Glenn Youngkin on a hard-fought victory.

“There was a stark contrast between the candidates on many issues, but perhaps none more important than education. At a time when the left wants to give more control to government bureaucrats and school boards, conservatives made a winning argument that parents should be in charge of their children’s education. Now is no time to rest—parents should continue to advocate on behalf of their children by speaking out against restrictive COVID rules, divisive critical race theory, and radical gender ideology.

“The Heritage Foundation looks forward to working with Gov.-elect Youngkin and his administration to put Virginia back on track after years of reckless policies. Commonsense conservative solutions on the economy, education, and law enforcement will make Virginia thrive again.”

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