Tommy Binion

Tommy Binion

Vice President, Government Relations

Thomas is responsible for Heritage's many programs on Capitol Hill and its engagement with the administration.

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Tommy Binion leads Heritage’s Government Relations team with a focus on engagement and policy impact. For three straight years, the Heritage Foundation has been ranked No. 1 for “Significant Impact on Public Policy” amongst think tanks across the globe.

The Heritage Foundation maintains a constant, positive presence on Capitol Hill and in conservative Presidential Administrations. As Vice President of Government Relations, Tommy is responsible for engaging lawmakers and administration officials on behalf of Heritage. In this role, he represents Heritage interests on all topics in front of the United States Congress and the White House and is responsible for Heritage’s robust policy implementation agenda.

He is also responsible for the production of two of Heritage’s Flagship research products: The Mandate for Leadership and Solutions. In 2018, analysis of the Trump Administration revealed that the President had embraced 64% of Heritage’s policy agenda.

To accomplish its impact focused mission, the Government Relations team conducts hundreds of policy events a year and maintains robust engagement with key policy stakeholders throughout the government. Heritage’s Government Relations team is service oriented and rooted in practical but innovative advocacy.

Tommy has earned a reputation on Capitol Hill as a reliable and passionate advocate for conservative policy solutions. A movement leader in Washington, he often builds successful coalitions of like-minded allies, inside and outside government, to accomplish policy goals.

Binion was previously a legislative strategist for Heritage Action for America, the lobbying affiliate of The Heritage Foundation. He also served as a Legislative Director in the House of Representatives.

He was born and raised in Atlanta. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Tommy is a proud father of two rowdy boys (Hayes, 5, and Brooks, 2). He and his wife, Sarah, live in Alexandria, VA.