Congress Punts with Latest Spending Bill

Congress Punts with Latest Spending Bill

Sep 8, 2017 1 min read

This morning, The House of Representatives passed a spending package that provided disaster assistance for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, the package also included measures to recklessly increase the nation's debt ceiling and provide additional spending to fund the federal government for three months. The Senate already passed this same bill yesterday, it now goes to Pres. Trump's desk to be signed. The Heritage Foundation’s leading fiscal and budget expert and Grover M. Hermann Research Fellow, Romina Boccia, had the following to say about the spending package:

 "Congress has once again refused to do the heavy lifting necessary to rein in our country’s out of control spending and debt. Kicking the can further down the road to December won't make difficult decisions about the federal government’s spending habits and unsustainable debt growth any easier. Moreover, it is disturbing that Congress would take advantage of the American people’s good will during a natural disaster to increase wasteful domestic spending for community development block grants. Congress must now hunker down and pave the way for pro-growth, fiscally responsible tax reform that provides spending and tax relief for American workers and business. The type of governing we just witnessed is inexcusable. The swamp and all of its creatures are indeed alive and well.” 

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