The Prudent Response to North Korea's Nuclear Test

The Prudent Response to North Korea's Nuclear Test

Sep 3, 2017 1 min read

In the wake of North Korea's nuclear test this weekend, the first during the Trump administration, Heritage's Bruce Klingner released the following statement: 

"While North Korea's tests were a significant and dramatic technological 'game-changer,' the United States still faces the same constraints on military actions and premature negotiations as it did before. The most prudent policy remains augmenting pressure on North Korea via a comprehensive, integrated strategy utilizing all instruments of national power. This would include greater enforcement of U.N. resolutions and U.S. law through sanctions and targeted financial measures, as well as enhanced information operations against the regime, greater advocacy for human rights, and ensuring sufficient defenses for the United States and its allies, particularly ballistic missile defense.

"Such a strategy achieves near-term objectives of responding to North Korea's serial violation of U.N. resolutions and U.S. and international law, and providing incentives for Pyongyang to return to the negotiating table."

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