President's Tax Vision Could Unleash Robust Growth

President's Tax Vision Could Unleash Robust Growth

Aug 30, 2017 1 min read

At the conclusion of Pres. Trump’s remarks on tax reform in Missouri on Wednesday afternoon, Heritage Foundation tax expert Adam Michel offered the following analysis:


“Today President Trump framed the tax reform debate that will continue to unfold when Congress returns next week. The president’s vision focused on letting American’s keep more of their own money. Done right, the president’s vision can unleash robust economic growth that will benefit all Americans. Updating the tax code for the twenty-first century requires more than just cutting taxes. True reform will include structural changes like full expensing and the wholesale elimination accumulated carve outs for privileged interests. Tax reform that cuts rates and tackles the underlying structural complexities and biases of our current tax code will result in higher wages, more jobs, and untold opportunity.”

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