Heritage Promotes Andy Olivastro to Chief Advancement Officer

Heritage Promotes Andy Olivastro to Chief Advancement Officer

Jul 13, 2023 3 min read

WASHINGTON—The Heritage Foundation announced Thursday that Andy Olivastro will serve as its first-ever chief advancement officer, overseeing the development and outreach departments of the organization. Olivastro has served as vice president of outreach at Heritage since 2022. 

“I am beyond thankful to have such a committed colleague as Andy moving into this new position,” Heritage President Dr. Kevin Roberts said. “Andy’s experience working at Heritage, serving in the conservative movement, and leading executive communications in the private sector make him the ideal candidate for this new position at Heritage. Andy’s leadership will be a force multiplier for a team that is already doing an incredible job helping us take back America.” 

As chief advancement officer, Olivastro will supervise the organization’s fundraising efforts, donor relations, partnerships, and coalition-building as it expands its footprint to new audiences across the globe.  

Andrew McIndoe, who served as vice president of development since 2018 after serving as director of donor relations, is founding a new nonprofit conservative fundraising firm. 

“We are so grateful to our colleague Andrew McIndoe for his years of service to Heritage. Under his leadership, Heritage became stronger than ever, with a membership base committed to helping us fight for the American people in Washington. And in his new role, he will continue the same mission with some of the sharpest minds in the conservative movement,” Roberts continued. 

Olivastro rejoined Heritage in 2019 as director of coalition relations before becoming vice president of outreach in 2022. In those roles, he helped Heritage reach and influence new audiences, expanding the organization’s footprint in the states and forming new relationships with think tanks and grassroots groups across the nation. 

“The Heritage Foundation is one of America’s essential institutions, and I’m honored and thrilled to serve in this new role,” Olivastro said. “Under Dr. Kevin Roberts, Heritage is aggressively shifting to the next level—on behalf of our amazing members and through a world-class team—to grow our size and influence, fuel our on-offense playbook, advance the conservative movement, and win for the American people. 

“The stakes have never been higher and the competition has never been fiercer. We are in the fight of our lives and, thanks to colleagues like Andrew McIndoe, we are ready to meet the moment to save our republic.”  

Before returning to Heritage, Olivastro worked in corporate communications, first as vice president of public affairs for Edelman Public Relations before joining United Technologies in several senior strategic communications roles. He then founded ATO Strategies, a public relations firm in Connecticut. 

Prior to his private-sector experience, Olivastro worked in communications and speechwriting roles at the U.S. Department of Commerce as a presidential appointee, the Republican National Committee, and The Heritage Foundation. A Lincoln Fellow with the Claremont Institute, Olivastro received his bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science from Troy University. 

“It is an honor to have led one of the best fundraising teams in the country during such an important time for our republic,” McIndoe said. “I know that I am leaving the team in the best of hands with Andy, who I know will continue Heritage’s exceptional growth. Heritage’s mission is vital, and it has been my privilege to play a part in helping to achieve that mission.” 

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