Heritage Vice President Condemns Lame-Duck Spending Disaster: Omnibus Deal a “Complete Betrayal of the American People”

Heritage Vice President Condemns Lame-Duck Spending Disaster: Omnibus Deal a “Complete Betrayal of the American People”

Dec 20, 2022 8 min read

WASHINGTON—In the early hours of Tuesday morning, lawmakers released the text of a 4,155-page omnibus spending package. The massive $1.85 trillion spending bill would fund the federal government through fiscal year 2023. It’s under consideration by a lame-duck Congress, many of whose members will no longer be answerable to voters who just opted to flip control of the House of Representatives. The proposal would increase the federal deficit by $2.65 trillion over 10 years, $20,000 per household, further driving up inflation. 

Clint Brown, Heritage vice president of government relations, released the following statement Tuesday in response to this disaster of a spending package:   

“This omnibus is a complete betrayal of the American people. There is a reason that Congress waited until after the election, when it is least accountable, to pass a massive spending bill. If it’s so great, why didn’t they pass it in October? No surprise, radical Democrats are pushing another extreme proposal. And, no surprise, a number of Republicans are lining up to support this monstrosity.  


“This omnibus would lock in the Biden-Schumer-Pelosi agenda for another year, instead of giving the new Republican majority in the House the opportunity to write spending bills starting Jan. 3. Senate Republican leaders are knowingly insulating the Biden administration from the only leverage the swamp cares about—the power of the purse. This bill ensures that the Biden regime will get its funding, while Congress will have little recourse but to complain until this funding runs out next year. Both get what they want, while the American people lose. 


“It doesn’t have to be this way. Conservatives in Congress could pass a short-term continuing resolution to take us to early February, which is when a Republican-controlled House can apply proper scrutiny to the Biden regime. Instead, it seems Senate Republicans would rather give Democrats everything they want. It’s yet another example of the swamp looking out for its own. Hopefully, there are some Republicans who will do what’s right and look out for the rest of us. It shouldn’t be too much to ask that they hold Biden accountable rather than give him a massive spending bill days before Christmas.”  

For more: Enough Is Enough: Senate Republicans Shouldn’t Cave & Pass Massive Spending Bill 

This proposal is not only a betrayal of American voters’ wishes as expressed at the ballot box, however. It also contains billions in wasteful spending on ridiculous political pet projects, including the following:  

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