Heritage President: No, Congress Shouldn’t Write A ‘Blank Check’ for Ukraine Aid

Heritage President: No, Congress Shouldn’t Write A ‘Blank Check’ for Ukraine Aid

Oct 20, 2022 2 min read

WASHINGTON—Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts made the following statement of support Thursday about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s recent remark that Americans are “not going to write a blank check to Ukraine.” 

“Eight months ago, Russia launched its deadly invasion of Ukraine—an unjust and dangerous war. Russia’s recent decision to ‘annex’ regions of Ukraine and use Iranian-made drones to attack Kyiv are only the latest evidence of Vladimir Putin’s blatant disregard for human life and national sovereignty. 


“The United States should continue to support the brave Ukrainian people and has done so by providing critical military resources for Ukraine’s self-defense. Since the war began, Congress has authorized more than $60 billion for Ukraine.  


“Fortunately, some members of Congress are starting to speak out and insist that the administration act responsibly and provide a road map for any future Ukraine aid. Leader Kevin McCarthy is right to oppose a ‘blank check’ that lacks an accompanying strategy, robust congressional debate, and fiscal responsibility. Americans should applaud him for setting clear expectations. 


“The two most recent aid packages in May and September were passed without sufficient time for consideration. They were proposed by the Biden administration without making the case to the American people of our involvement nor a coherent strategy for ending the conflict. In addition, billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars were made available for Ukrainian pension plans and funding Ukrainian government salaries.  


“Further, none of the aid was offset by cuts in federal spending elsewhere, resulting in layering more borrowing on top of an already $31 trillion national debt. Before lawmakers even consider another request from this administration, Biden owes the American people a concrete strategy on our future role that doesn’t leave us mired in a state of perpetual conflict management funded by U.S. taxpayers. 


“Conservatives must also be on guard for any attempt to recklessly spend more money in the lame-duck session of Congress. Retiring and defeated lawmakers are least accountable to voters after Election Day, and Heritage will vigorously oppose Washington’s big spenders who attempt to pass another Ukrainian aid package lacking debate, a clear strategy, targeted funding, and spending offsets. Americans are demanding change, and they expect their elected representatives to act differently.”