Heritage President Blasts January 6 Committee’s ‘Partisan Primetime Programming’

Heritage President Blasts January 6 Committee’s ‘Partisan Primetime Programming’

Jun 9, 2022 1 min read

WASHINGTON—Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts made the following statement Thursday in advance of the House of Representatives’ Jan. 6 committee public hearing. 

“The American people are fed up with Democrat congressional leadership—and for good reason. The primetime spectacle Democrats planned for tonight’s Jan. 6 congressional hearing is yet another example of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s naked partisanship and misplaced priorities. 


“Democrats are so brazen they’ve even hired the former president of ABC News to turn the hearings into ‘made-for-TV’ political theater. You can expect a one-sided partisan narrative intent on slandering the left’s political opponents—starting with former President Donald Trump and extending to other conservatives—that has nothing to do with strengthening our republic and everything to do with distracting from their abysmal failures in every major policy area. 


“What happened on Jan. 6 was wrong, but unlike the violent riots that did so much damage to our country during the summer of 2020, the events of Jan. 6 were subject to one of the largest investigations in our history. If Speaker Pelosi genuinely cares about justice, and law and order, she should immediately direct committee hearings to investigate the violence, damage, and death caused by Black Lives Matter protests leading up to Jan. 6.   


“The best thing Americans can do tonight is turn off ABC, NBC, and CBS, who long ago abandoned any semblance of fairness, and spend time with their families. Their decision to carry this partisan primetime programming is tantamount to an in-kind donation to Democrats, whose goal is to distract Americans from President Biden’s long list of policy failures—from record-breaking gas prices and out-of-control inflation to rising crime and the crisis at our southern border.”