Heritage President: Unleash U.S. Energy Production to Provide Americans Relief, Hold Russia Accountable

Heritage President: Unleash U.S. Energy Production to Provide Americans Relief, Hold Russia Accountable

Mar 8, 2022 1 min read

WASHINGTON—Heritage President Kevin Roberts released the following statement Tuesday in the wake of historic gas prices, new sanctions on Russian oil imports, and the Biden administration’s anti-energy policies: 

“The American people are suffering from gas prices never seen before. The skyrocketing price of oil is causing historic pain not just at the pump, but also for Americans trying to heat their homes and for businesses shipping goods around the country. President Biden blames everyone else—oil companies, Vladimir Putin, and others—but his administration’s anti-energy policies are the primary culprit.  


“Biden’s clampdown on domestic U.S. energy production, which began well before the war in Ukraine, has made it harder and more expensive to take advantage of America’s abundant energy resources, driving up costs for hard-working families. Our legitimate interests in holding Putin accountable should not come at the expense of Americans’ well-being. These sanctions will only hurt Americans even more and further enrich Putin if they are not coupled with a dramatic expansion of energy production in this country. Sadly, this administration is continuing to hold the U.S. hostage to President Biden's infatuation with ‘green energy' and continuing with actions to regulate conventional energy out of existence. 


“We must provide relief to Americans already struggling from historic inflation and high prices, while also holding Russia accountable for its invasion of Ukraine. To start, this administration could immediately hold lease sales on federal lands—including in ANWR—and waters for new oil and gas exploration, suspend the Jones Act, and provide regulatory relief under the Renewable Fuels Standard. If Biden truly cares about Americans, he should act now.” 

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