Biden Nominee Ur Jaddou Is the Wrong Leader for USCIS

Biden Nominee Ur Jaddou Is the Wrong Leader for USCIS

Jun 17, 2021 2 min read

WASHINGTON — Heritage Foundation homeland security experts James Carafano, Mark Morgan, and Mike Howell released a statement Thursday evening following the Senate Judiciary Committee’s postponing of a vote on the nomination of Ur Jaddou, President Biden’s nominee to lead U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS):   

“The committee’s postponement of Jaddou's nomination was welcome news. We are in the midst of the Biden border crisis thanks in large part to her efforts and policy ideas. Jaddou led Biden’s transition team for the Department of Homeland Security, and in this role, helped prepare the slate of actions that DHS and the White House would take that directly led to the Biden border crisis.  


“An alum of the Obama administration, she also played an active role in the development of the illegal DACA program. This is who President Biden thinks should be running the agency charged with administering America’s legal immigration program—an individual with a demonstrated track record of undermining America’s immigration laws and encouraging mass illegal immigration.  


“It has never been more important for senators to take their duty to advise and consent with greater seriousness. To manage America’s immigration system, we must have public officials who respect the rule of law and do not substitute partisan agendas for the people’s business.  


“In a rational world, the Senate would unanimously reject a radical nominee whose views are so outside the mainstream. If the committee chooses to eventually hold a vote on Jaddou’s nomination, they should vote in favor of securing our borders, protecting our citizens, and upholding our laws. That means rejecting Biden’s radical nominee for USCIS.” 

According to the Senate Judiciary Committee's website, Jaddou's confirmation vote has been rescheduled to Thursday, June 24. 

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