The Border Crisis Is Coming to Your Front Door

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The Border Crisis Is Coming to Your Front Door

Jun 10, 2021 1 min read
Mike Howell

Executive Director, Oversight Project

Mike is Executive Director for the Oversight Project at The Heritage Foundation.
Migrants make their way toward a bus after being apprehended near the border between Mexico and the United States in Del Rio, Texas on May 16, 2021. Photo by SERGIO FLORES/AFP via Getty Images

Val Verde County, Texas shares a hundred and ten mile border with Mexico. I visited there this weekend to witness the Biden border crisis firsthand. It felt like coming onto the scene of a home robbery. A robbery where everyone knows the robbers are coming back. People's sense of security, privacy, and wellbeing have been robbed from them by partisan ideologues almost 2000 miles away who decided to open their borders to mass illegal immigration. Del Rio, Texas has a population of less than 50,000 people. So far this year, over 100,000 illegal aliens have crossed the border and into their hometown.