Combatting Critical Race Theory

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Combatting Critical Race Theory

May 21, 2021 1 min read

A compelling new Heritage video exposes the tenants of CRT and its destructive intent. Boston Globe / Contributor / Getty Images

What would you call an ideology that rejects color-blindness, openly criticizes the civil rights movement, attacks successful blacks, and is blatantly and unapologetically racist?

Critical race theory is an idea that originated in universities and law schools under the name critical theory. Its supporters added race in the 1970s to Americanize a 1930s European theory birthed by communist academics.

The objective of critical race theory was to tear down and erase the history of ideas that created Western culture, and this included American culture. The supporters of critical race theory believed that to advance American culture, they must destroy the system.

Tenants of critical race theory reject ideas such as colorblindness.

And even advancement based on meritocracy.

In other words, critical race theory does not value people by the content of their character nor does it value hard work.

Unbelievably, critical race theory openly criticizes the Civil Rights Movement, a movement that provided opportunities for millions of Blacks to find success in America. While critical race theory acknowledges the success of individual Blacks in America, ironically it criticizes successful Blacks for joining the system, thus putting Blacks in a no win situation.

Derrick Bell alludes that successful Blacks are passing as Whites. We can try to ignore the inconsistencies and idiocy of the flawed concepts of critical race theory. However, we do so at our peril because critical race theory impacts all areas of society.

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Critical race theory is not the solution. Critical race theory demoralizes K through 12 students, polarizes higher ed students, guilts on working Americans, and condones cancel culture. Critical race theory stokes grievances with the purpose of creating victims.

A proponent of critical race theory, Herbert Marcuse, famously wrote, "All liberation depends on the consciousness of servitude." Like a cult, the critical race theory revolution enslaves the minds of the people who adopted. And the concept is blatantly and unapologetically racist. America must return to judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

We must learn to live together as brothers, or we will all perish together as fools.

Americans should defend civil rights, and we should actively work to eliminate racism in the United States and anywhere it exists. These noble aims are not the stated intentions of critical race theory.