Heritage Experts: Cornyn-Sinema Proposal Rewards Biden's Open-Borders Agenda

Heritage Experts: Cornyn-Sinema Proposal Rewards Biden's Open-Borders Agenda

Apr 26, 2021 1 min read

WASHINGTON – Heritage VP for national security and foreign policy James Carafano and DHS veterans Lora Ries, Ken Cuccinelli, Mark Morgan, and Mike Howell released the following statement Monday in response to a new proposal from Senators John Cornyn and Kyrsten Sinema which would enable the Biden administration to process and release illegal aliens into the United States more rapidly, provide illegal aliens with legal counsel, and transport illegal aliens to locations within the U.S. upon their release – all of course paid for by U.S. taxpayers:

“The United States government should not be implementing – or even debating – policies that will encourage and facilitate more people entering this country illegally. This proposal from Sens. Cornyn and Sinema unfortunately would do just that, making Biden’s border crisis worse and rewarding his open-borders agenda with a congressionally approved bailout. 


“Increasing the number of processing sites may sound compassionate, but will actually just give the Biden administration more ability to process and release illegal aliens into the country more quickly. This will do nothing but cause the already historic numbers at our border to rise even higher and further overwhelm law enforcement and our immigration system. Illegal aliens know that under the Biden administration, if they make it to the border, they are likely going to be released into the interior. The numbers show that once this happens, more than 90% of them are here to stay. Expediting the process of releasing them into the country may be a good PR move for the administration, but will open the floodgates for more illegal immigration.


“Representatives of border states should be pounding the table for more border security measures, and pressing the White House to reimplement effective measures that were working, such as the Migrant Protection Protocols, asylum cooperative agreements with Northern Triangle countries, and construction of the border wall – all of which President Biden maliciously undid with the stroke of a politically motivated pen.”

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