Energy & Environment


Energy & Environment

China’s domestic energy consumption and environmental impact

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Data Projects:

Stimson Mekong Dam Monitor 
The Stimson Center’s Mekong Dam Monitor is an online platform for monitoring of dams and environmental impacts in the Mekong Basin. The monitor uses remote sensing, satellite imagery, and GIS analysis to provide near-real time reporting and data downloads across numerous previously unreported indicators in the Mekong Basin. 

Global Energy Monitor 
The Global Energy Monitor gathers data on fossil fuel use for public use, with the intent to inform climate and environmental decisions. It maintains global trackers on coal plants, fossil infrastructure, coal mines, steel production plants, and public financing for coal projects. In many cases, these trackers include information on all operating, planned, cancelled, and closed facilities. 

Our World in Data 
A joint project by the Global Change Data Lab and the Oxford Martin Programme on Global Development, Our World in Data includes extensive global and country-level trend data on energy and environmental topics. Additionally, it has China-specific articles and data in “China: Energy Country Profile,” and “China: CO2 Country Profile. 

Climate Watch  
Climate Watch is an online platform that provides country-specific time series data on greenhouse gas emissions and climate targets. Click here to view the data on China. 

Climate Action Tracker 
The Climate Action Tracker is an independent scientific analysis that tracks government climate action and measures it against the globally agree Paris Agreement aim of “holding warming well below 2℃, and pursuing efforts to limit warming to 1.5℃.” The project is a collaboration between Climate Analytics and New Climate Institute. Click here to view the data on China. 

Global Development Policy Center: China’s Global Power Database 
GDPC’s China’s Global Power Database is an interactive data project tracking all the world's power plants financed by Chinese FDI and/or the China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China. The database also demonstrates the estimated carbon footprint of these power plants.  

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