Heritage Experts: Biden Admin's "Catch and Release" Policy Is Importing COVID Cases to Our Country

Heritage Experts: Biden Admin's "Catch and Release" Policy Is Importing COVID Cases to Our Country

Mar 3, 2021 1 min read

WASHINGTON – Illegal aliens detained at the border and then released into the United States to await their court hearings are testing positive for COVID after their release, a new NBC report has found. The Biden administration, in part due to re-instituting a failed “catch and release” policy, has created a new border crisis – a crisis with major implications for public health.

Heritage’s immigration and border security team – James Carafano, Lora Ries, Chad Wolf, Ken Cuccinelli, and Mark Morgan – released a statement Wednesday slamming the Biden administration’s reckless policy:

“Our leaders should be focused on re-opening our businesses and schools in a way that protects American lives and livelihoods. Instead, the Biden administration is prioritizing illegal aliens entering the country over the safety and welfare of American citizens.”


“A recent report found that illegal aliens released into the country subsequently tested positive for COVID-19 after their release. Make no mistake: this will not be the last time. 


“Through its misguided and deliberate actions, the Biden administration is actively importing coronavirus cases into our country as Americans work to get back on their feet. For the past year, we have been prevented from going to school, to work or to our places of worship. We have been told we risk fines or jail time if we gather with friends. But illegal aliens are immediately given access to our country and its many benefits, even though we know many are carrying the virus. These imported cases will reverse the trend of falling infections and hospitalizations, and put further strain on our health system. And of course, American taxpayers will foot the bill for illegal aliens’ care.


“The reinstatement of ‘catch and release,’ in which illegal aliens are detained and then quickly released into the country to await their court hearing – which most do not show up for – is not only bad immigration policy, but disastrous public health policy.” On Monday, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas misled the American people when he denied the obvious security crisis at the border. Now we know the administration has a public health crisis on its hands, as well. 


“There is no such thing as ‘safe illegal immigration,’ especially during a pandemic. The president ran a campaign based on ‘listening to the health experts,’ but no doubt the American people would like to know which public health experts recommended this horrendous policy.”

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