Heritage President Kay C. James on Biden Administration’s Day One Actions

Heritage President Kay C. James on Biden Administration’s Day One Actions

Jan 20, 2021 1 min read

WASHINGTON — Heritage Foundation President Kay C. James made the following statement on President Joe Biden’s upcoming executive actions:

“President Joe Biden promised the American people he will be a president who unifies us. And it is my prayer that he will bring us together. As a conservative leader, I pledge to do my part to unify our broken nation. My love for my family and my country knows no bounds.


“As American history shows us, our most dangerous divisions don’t stem from the mere presence of disagreement, even passionate disagreement. We weather those disagreements by working within the constitutional system of government. In fact, deliberation, debate, and fidelity to the rule of law, within the bounds of the Constitution, are our most effective tools for unifying. Our system of government is, in fact, a roadmap for working through disagreement and giving voice to all Americans.


“That’s why I am disappointed in the unprecedented scope and nature of today’s upcoming executive actions. Executive actions short circuit the democratic process by cutting out Congress and leaving no room for debate or dissent.


“The American people want a president who puts their interests first and works with lawmakers in both parties on solutions. With these initial actions, the Biden administration has already signaled that it will take unilateral steps that usurp Congress’ power with divisive policies that will leave Americans less secure and limit their economic opportunities. The sanctity of life, immigration, climate, and religious liberty are among the issues Americans are most passionate about and a national debate surely would be more beneficial than unilateral action.


“President Biden is right that our nation faces several simultaneous crises at once, and therefore, the stakes of his presidency are extraordinarily high. Let us all hope that we can unite behind him as a national leader. Leaders listen to and react to dissent, and so I call upon him to subject his policy ideas to rigorous debate in the U.S. Congress. We are certainly prepared to make our case.”