Technology policy, production, and transfer

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Data Projects:

Georgetown University CSET
Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) produces data-driven research at the intersection of security and technology. CSET is currently focusing on the effects of progress in artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced computing. They also release translations of Chinese policy documents, speeches, and papers.

Georgetown CSET Chinese State Council Budget Tracker
Georgetown CSET’s Chinese State Council Budget Tracker is a repository of financial information published by the Chinese government. As the chief administrative authority in China, the State Council directly controls the country’s 26 cabinet-level departments (and ministries) and dozens of smaller offices, including those critical to science, technology, and talent recruitment.

Georgetown CSET Chinese Talent Program Tracker
Georgetown CSET’s Chinese Talent Program Tracker is a catalogue of Chinese Party-State-sponsored initiatives aimed at cultivating China’s domestic talent pool in support of China's strategic civilian and military goals.

MacroPolo: The Global AI Talent Tracker
MacroPolo’s The Global AI Talent Tracker a dataset of researchers with papers accepted at NeurIPS 2019, using that as a proxy for the top-tier (approximately top 20%) of AI research talent. Features data visuals and charts.

MacroPolo ChinAI
MacroPolo’s ChinAI is a project breaking down the building and stumbling blocks to China’s AI ambitions, from talent and chips to ethics. Includes a relationship map and database of China’s top AI-related companies.

MacroPolo: High Speed Rail 
MacroPolo’s High Speed Rail is a digital project that looks into the economic cost and benefits of China’s bullet trains. The projects an interactive map looking into the various high speed rail networks.

Stanford-New America DigiChina Project 
Stanford-New America DigiChina Project is a collaborative effort understand China’s digital policy developments, primarily through translating and analyzing Chinese-language sources. Focuses include data governance, artificial intelligence, internet law, and technology in geopolitics.

ASPI Mapping China's Tech Giants
Mapping China’s Tech Giants is a database created by ASPI that maps the global expansion of 23 key Chinese technology companies. It covers major points of overseas presence including 5G initiatives, smart cities, research partnerships, submarine cables, significant telecommunications and ICT projects and foreign investments.

Papers and Reports:

Overseas Professionals and Technology Transfer to China by Ryan Fedasiuk Emily Weinstein, Georgetown CSET (July 2020).

Hunting the Phoenix by Alex Joske, Australian Strategic Policy Institute (August 20, 2020). The report features an interactive map of recruitment stations. 

China AI-Brain Research by William Hannas, Huey-Meei Chang, Catherine Aiken, Daniel Chou, Georgetown CSET (September 2020).

Tracking AI Investment by Zachary Arnold, Ilya Rahkovsky, and Tina Huang, Georgetown CSET (September 2020).

Estimating the Number of Chinese STEM Students in the United States by Jacob Feldgoise and Remco Zwetsloot, Georgetown CSET (October 2020).

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