Mandate 2020

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Mandate 2020

A Clear Vision for the Next Administration

First published in January 1981, Mandate for Leadership served as a conservative plan of action for the Reagan Administration. By the end of Reagan’s first year, he had implemented nearly half of its ideas. This first edition of Mandate for Leadership appeared on the Washington Post’s paperback bestseller list, and the Post called it “an action plan for turning the government toward the right as fast as possible.” 

The 2016 edition of Mandate for Leadership earned significant attention from the Trump Administration, which embraced 64 percent of its policy solutions.

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For decades, Heritage has been on the forefront of policy innovation and impact. This year’s volume of the famed Mandate series is no exception. The conservative agenda presented within this book is thoughtful and dynamic, and any Administration can use this analysis to make the country better.

Mark Meadows

United States Congressman

If you are looking for policy proposals that actually work, you cannot find a better list than those published by The Heritage Foundation. They have proved their worth for decades. One hopes our political leaders will take them seriously.

Cal Thomas

Nationally syndicated columnist