Local University Conservatives Network

Local University Conservatives Network

Engaging, equipping, and connecting young conservatives for long-term success in public policy

Virtual Spring 2021

Want to start off strong in D.C.? Want to make meaningful contacts and position yourself for long-term success?

The Heritage Foundation, D.C.’s premier conservative think tank, wants to prepare you to be part of the next generation of conservative leaders. LUC’s weekly training program for freshmen and sophomores attending D.C.-area universities establishes a foundation of conservative thought and community among its participants. LUC runs during the spring and fall.  Apply here!

Through the LUC Network, you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of political philosophy from leading conservative intellectuals
  • Learn about timely public policy issues from leading experts
  • Hear practical insights from experienced D.C. professionals on how to thrive and lead in a public policy office
  • Connect with follow conservative undergraduates
  • Cultivate essential career skills

Session 1: 
America’s Founders and the Relevance of their Contributions Today
Dr. Allen Guelzo
Monday, March 8th 

Session 2: 
Persuasive Policy Messaging 
Greg Scott
Monday, March 15th

Session 3:
The Moral Case for Capitalism
Dr. Samuel Gregg
Monday, March 22nd

Session 4: 
Conservative Career Panel
Kyle Bonnell
Monday, March 29th

Session 5: 
How to Lead Young 
Dr. Steve Bucci
Monday, April 5th

Session 6:
The Future of Work
Dr. Elizabeth Hanke
Monday, April 12th

Session 7:
U.S. Response to the Rise of China
Dean Cheng
Monday, April 19th 

All sessions run from 6:00PM to 7:00PM