Local University Conservatives Network

Local University Conservatives Network

Engaging, equipping, and connecting young conservatives for long-term success in public policy

Fall 2023 & Spring 2024

Are you a college student wanting to start off strong in D.C.?

The Heritage Foundation, D.C.’s premier conservative think tank, wants to prepare you to be part of the next generation of conservative leaders. The Local University Conservatives (LUC) Network brings together D.C.-area undergrads to provide a foundation of conservative thought and community.

Throughout the year, members of the LUC Network will hear from experienced policy professionals, learn essential career skills, and connect with fellow conservatives over complimentary dinner at The Heritage Foundation. Apply here!

*During the school year, LUC welcomes conservative Capitol Hill interns to join our LUC Network and make the most of their time in Washington. Interns of all years in school may apply.


As a member of the LUC Network, you will:

  • Sit down with leading policy experts
  • Connect with fellow conservative undergraduates and interns
  • Learn about and discuss hot policy topics
  • Gain practical insights from experienced D.C. professionals on how to thrive and lead in a public policy office
  • Cultivate essential career skills
  • Set yourself up for professional success


All sessions run from 6:00PM to 7:30PM, and dinner will be provided.

Fall 2023

Session 1: 
Conservatism Now and Then
Dr. Kevin Roberts
October 2

Session 2:
Human Flourishing, Economic Freedom, and the Family
Dr. Anne Bradley
October 16

Session 3: 
Empowering Parents in Education
Madison Marino
October 30

Session 4: 
The Threat of Communist China
Michael Cunningham
November 13

Session 5: 
Conservative Careers
Kyle Bonnell & Capitol Hill Panel
December 4

Spring 2024

Session 6: 
American First Principles
Brenda Hafera
February 5

Session 7:
Countering Big Tech & Promoting Free Speech
Jake Denton
February 26

Session 8:
Conservative Solutions for the American Economy
Dr. E.J. Antoni
March 25

Session 9:
Evaluating America’s Role in the World
Dr. James Carafano
April 8

Session 10:
Speaking the Truth About Gender Ideology
Dr. Jay Richards
April 22


Perfect attendance is not required.