From Intern to CEO: Charles Mitchell Receives Heritage Award


From Intern to CEO: Charles Mitchell Receives Heritage Award

November 26th, 2019

The Heritage Foundation recently presented Charles Mitchell with the 2019 Robin and Jocelyn Distinguished Intern Alumni Award.

This distinguished award recognizes former Heritage interns who have gone on to successful careers in government, academia, public policy, and the private sector. Mitchell, a 2004 intern in Heritage’s Young Leaders Program, is now the president and CEO of the Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives, a free-market think tank in Pennsylvania.

“At a very young age, Heritage gave me an amazing environment in which to begin that transition from being an activist and writer, to being a leader … and I am only one of thousands of people for whom you have done that,” said Mitchell in his acceptance speech.

“Heritage showed me that true leaders are part of teams of leaders. That’s how I’ve approached my role now as a leader back home in Pennsylvania.”

Past recipients of the Robin and Jocelyn Distinguished Intern Alumni Award include Sen. Tom Cotton, Susan B. Anthony List founder Majorie Dannenfelser, and Judge Neomi Rao of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

“Heritage encourages all of its former interns to use what they learn during their time at Heritage to govern, inspire and shape the future of America, not just here in Washington, but all across the country,” said Bridgett Wagner, vice president of policy promotion. “Charles has done that in a very real way.”

For 40 years, Heritage’s Young Leaders Program has attracted hundreds of young people across the nation seeking an alternative to the liberal indoctrination imposed by colleges and universities. Learn more about the program.