Heritage Again Ranks First Among Think Tanks for Social Media Impact


Heritage Again Ranks First Among Think Tanks for Social Media Impact

May 13th, 2019

Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Forbes contributor Alejandro Chafuen, president of the Atlas Network, has been ranking think tanks on their social media presence since 2014. And consistently, The Heritage Foundation has topped the list. That’s true again in this year’s rankings.

The Heritage Foundation continues to rank first among free-market groups in Facebook and Twitter followers. It is also first in web traffic,” Chafuen writes for Forbes in his 2019 report.

This year, Heritage also ranks ahead of The Brookings Institution in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and web traffic.

Of all these institutions, Heritage has the most Facebook likes, and the most Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn followers. In addition, Heritage netted the most monthly website visitors.

For the first time, Heritage appeared on the list for its promotion on YouTube—ranking second, only to PragerU, for the most minutes viewed on a YouTube video in the last twelve months.

“Conservatism is powerful and compelling when articulated clearly and creatively, and our team has put a great deal of effort into doing just that,” said Maria Sousa, director of digital at Heritage. “It’s truly gratifying to see that work paying off. With the great talent on our digital team, we will continue expanding Heritage’s reach and influence to new audiences.”

Since last year’s rankings, Heritage has grown its Twitter audience by 10,000 followers and its Instagram followers by 17,700, according to Chafuen’s report.

Overall, online traffic to free-market think tanks has increased significantly. According to data collected by SimilarWeb, total visits to the top think tanks grew by 78 percent.

Every year more Americans use social media to consume content. As these platforms continue to replace traditional media habits, Heritage’s leadership will greatly impact the conservative movement’s ability to promote policies that help America flourish.