Health Care Choices Resource Kit

WEBINAR: More Government Control in  Health Care is Not the Answer

Health Care Choices Resource Kit

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates how deregulation can provide quick and flexible access to needed care and services. These resources help explain why more government control in health care is not the answer.



Premiums and Choices Under the Affordable Care Act: A State-by-State Review

Mar 12, 2020 13 min read




Why Expanding Obamacare Is Not the Answer

Apr 16, 2020 11 min read



Health Care Choices and Premiums Under Obamacare: Numbers By State

Apr 20, 2020 5 min read


COVID-19 and Medicare for All

Health care reform should be a patient-centered, market-based alternative that empowers individuals to control the dollars and decisions regarding their health care.

These efforts to expand Obamacare or adopt “Medicare for All” represent a massive expansion of government control of health coverage at a time when Americans can least afford it. 

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