Fight for America. Vote for America.

Fight for America. Vote for America.

Welcome to The Heritage Foundation, where freedom is the core principle we champion every single day. For almost 50 years, The Heritage Foundation has been fighting for the promise of America. 

We are your voice in Washington, developing and promoting policies that support these ideals to America’s leaders and lawmakers at every level, the media, and educational and grassroots organizations everywhere.

As the far left threatens to take more control of our lives and livelihoods, Heritage proclaims this truth: Only freedom can produce prosperity and improve everyone’s quality of life. No matter who you are, protecting your freedom is our top priority. Join us as we fight for America!

You’re called The Heritage Foundation because you understand that our glorious heritage is the foundation of everything we hope to achieve.

President Donald Trump

The Heritage Foundation is a flagship of freedom. … And now for nearly half a century, it’s undeniable The Heritage Foundation has made a difference for America.

Vice President Mike Pence

As a brilliant, fair, and impartial judge, Amy Coney Barrett is just the right person for the Supreme Court. Don’t let the Left stand in her way. It’s time to fight for America and stand with Judge Barrett. 

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Is Portland our future? We must act now to stop the radical left from turning the rest of America into this living laboratory of every one of their bad ideas. Fight for America. Vote for America. 

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In just a few centuries, economic freedom has lifted most of the world out of poverty and doubled our life expectancies. Don’t let the radical left destroy all the things that free enterprise made possible. Fight for America. Vote for America. 

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Are North Korea and Venezuela your idea of paradise? Freedom is the only way to prosperity and improving everyone’s quality of life. Fight for America. Vote for America.  

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The Heritage Foundation is fighting for America with effective research, superb communications, and proven solutions.

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