Breaking the K-12 Education Monopoly


Breaking the K-12 Education Monopoly

Jan 26, 2023 1 min read
Kevin D. Roberts, Ph.D.


Heritage Trustee since 2023
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In a post-COVID era, parents are more aware of the Left’s influence over academia. Their demand is loud and clear: quality, transparency, respect, and choice.

The Left’s extreme ideologies have taken root in school policies, practices, and curricula. What does the future hold for education in America and how can the conservative movement fight back against education indoctrination?

This National School Choice Week, Dr. Keri Ingraham joins the show to discuss the importance of breaking the K-12 education monopoly, the necessity of school choice, and equity in education.

A former classroom teacher, coach, and school administrator, Dr. Keri Ingraham currently serves as Fellow and Director of the Discovery Institute’s American Center for Transforming Education where she focuses much of her work on educational freedom and parent empowerment.

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