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School models
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  • Great Hearts is a network of tuition-free, public charter schools dedicated to improving education nationwide. A Great Hearts education prepares students to be more than just proficient test takers; it prepares them to become great-hearted leaders capable of success throughout their higher education and professional careers. With a curriculum built upon a classical liberal arts tradition and a revolutionary approach to school itself, Great Hearts cultivates the hearts and minds of students in the pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.
  • Great Hearts
    • Curriculum Overview
    • Reading List
      • 9th-12th Grade Core Reading List
        • My Antonia | Red Badge of Courage | Autobiography of an American Slave | The Great Gatsby | Old Man and the Sea | Billy Budd | Walden | “Civil Disobedience” | Democracy in America | The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn | Othello | The Tempest | Utopia | Second Treatise of Government | Pride and Prejudice | Discourse on Inequality | Tale of Two Cities | One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich | Crime and Punishment | Henry V | Iliad | Odyssey | History of the Peloponnesian War | Theban Plays | Five Dialogues of Plato | Republic | Nichomachean Ethics | The Books of Genesis, Exodus, and Job | Hamlet | Aeneid | Confessions | Gospels of Mark and John, Acts of the Apostles, and Epistle to the Romans | “Treatise on Law” | The Divine Comedy | The Prince | Essays | Meditations on First Philosophy | The “1844 Manuscripts” | Reason in History | Brothers Karamazov | King Lear | The Scarlet Letter | Frankenstein | Herodotus’ Histories | Paradise Lost
      • 9th-12th Grade Historical Works
        • The Declaration of Independence | The Constitution of the United States | Federalist Papers | Marbury v. Madison | The Monroe Doctrine | Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions | Dred Scott v. Sanford | The Emancipation Proclamation, Abraham Lincoln | The Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln | Plessy v. Ferguson | Fourteen Points Speech, Woodrow Wilson | First Inaugural Address, Franklin D. Roosevelt | Brown v. Board of Education | “Birmingham City Jail Letter”, M. L. King | “I Have a Dream” speech, M. L. King
    • Virtue in Education


  • The mission of Democracy Prep is to educate responsible citizen-scholars for success in the college of their choice and a life of active citizenship. A simple philosophy guides Democracy Prep staff, scholars, and alumni alike:Work Hard. Go to College. Change the World!





  • Catholic Schools
    • St. Jerome School
      • The Educational Plan
        • “St. Jerome Academy educates children in the truest and fullest sense by giving them the necessary tools of learning and by fostering wonder and love for all that is genuinely true, good, and beautiful. We emphasize classical learning because we want our students to read well, speak well, and think well and ultimately because truth and beauty are good in themselves and desirable for their own sake. We seek to incorporate our students into the wisdom of two thousand years of Catholic thought, history, culture, and arts so that they might understand themselves and their world in the light of the truth and acquire the character to live happy and integrated lives in the service of God and others. Education in this deep and comprehensive sense extends beyond the classroom and is more than just the acquisition of skills. It encompasses the whole of one’s life. For this reason, St. Jerome’s seeks to involve families ever more deeply in the life of the school and in the education of their children.”
    • Saint Augustine Academy
      • Classical Education and Academic Expectations
        • Character Development
          1. Form and inform a correct and Catholic conscience so as to better delight in the things one ought to delight in and to shun the things one ought to shun
          2. Grow in virtue, which is the fruit and seed of morally good acts, making possible self-mastery, ease, and joy in leading a morally good life
          3. Contribute to the common good of civil society by accepting the duties of citizenship, promoting the dignity and sanctity of all persons inherent in an authentic Culture of Life, and exercising stewardship over the natural world
          4. Recognize the resounding call to life-long conversion of heart, thereby engendering compassion and forgiveness for our fellow man”
      • Thales Schools


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