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Special Education Resources

Apr 15, 2020 2 min read

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Clinicians use this online platform to help children with special needs. It includes a full therapy command center, provides dynamic camera and video modes to focus on multiple types of intervention, and clinicians can upload their own therapy materials.


Designed to help middle and high school teachers who work with students with autism, the online platform can help students grow in math, ELA, social studies, life skills, and science.


Offering free workbooks, apps, downloads, and Touchlines, this program helps students learn math through a multisensory program.

ASL eBooks and Resources 

This provides various books and other online resources available to ASL learners. The document is continually updated.

Attainment Company

The online program provides free access to their literacy programs for the first three months. It offers Early Literacy Skills Builder for younger and older students, Early Reader Skills Builder, and other products.

Autism Little Learners- Coronavirus Social Initiative

This resource helps children understand the changes that have occurred in their daily routines due to COVID-19. 


This platform contains various resources such as videos and activities to help children understand COVID-19. Providers are offering a free trial of the platform.


Students can create their own free account to gain access to text to speech content. Main features include text to speech for reading (TTS), high-quality text to speech, speech tracking word by word, fonts, colors, masking, etc., cross-device sync, screen-reader accessibility, advanced text navigation, and offline use.


This program provides free online access to activities and various virtual manipulatives for student use.

Guide to Starting Home Learning for parents of kids and teens with autism

This free guide can help parents educate their children with autism at home.

Special Needs for Special Kids

Students with moderate to severe disabilities can access free lessons and activities on this website. The current platform offers 3 modules, and plans to create more if necessary after March 30th

Stages Learning Language Builder ARIS Curriculum

This platform offers a sampling of free activities, worksheets, and lessons for students with autism.