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Apr 15, 2020 16 min read

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Hubble Site

Students can explore space by viewing photos from the Hubble Space Telescope. The website contains photos, articles, and videos about space and the Hubble Telescope’s journey through the “final frontier.”

Moon Phase and Astronomy Calendar

This program can download onto a phone and insert the times of various astronomical events. This is a great way to help kids learn the different phases of the moon or catch the next meteor shower.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Students can learn about the history of space exploration, both past, present, and future. The site also provides various fun facts and projects about space.

Better Chinese

This online platform is offering free services to students affected by COVID-19. It aims to help students learn the Chinese language.

Fact Monster

This website helps students learn about various different topics for grades 1-8.


This free program allows students to explore the night skies in the past, present, and future from anywhere in the world. 


This tool is great for learning a new language, such as Japanese, German, Chinese, or Spanish. Learners can also learn about other topics such as mathematics, and history.

World Digital Library

Students can use this online resource to access nearly 20,000 books and essays for free.

CMU CS Academy

A free online and comprehensive computer science curriculum.


This online resource is free and offers students AP test prep materials and provides learning materials to help students.

Typing Club

This online platform helps students learn how to type for free. It provides an interactive experience for students where they engage in games to improve their typing skills.

Smart Music

This online program helps student improve their sight reading skills and provides other learning tools.


Students can learn Spanish for free through lessons on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. The website also offers games to help engage students.

Classical MPR

You can access the free performance library at this website and enjoy recorded performances of incredible artists.

Berliner Philharmoniker

Since performances were canceled, previously recorded performances are now available. Every Saturday at 7 pm, they release a new episode in their video series where musicians explain and play music.

Smithsonian Magazine

This free online publication covers a variety topics including history, science, and the arts. Students can learn by reading articles and engaging with the website.

Ford’s Theater

The historic location of President Lincoln’s assassination provides learning resources for students and access to a free virtual tour and events.

Adler Planetarium

Students can review blogs and engage in virtual exhibits about astronomy, and help perform scientific research from home. 

National Museum of the United States Air Force

Students take virtual tours and listen to podcasts and recorded lectures on the U.S. Air Force. They can also watch museum videos to learn more about aviation and the military.

Youtube EDU

This resource provides students with various learning resources including math, test preparation, and other learning opportunities.


Student can use this free online resource to create and share flashcards to help them prepare for tests and quizzes.

Museum of the American Revolution

Students can visit this museum virtually through tours, and online exhibits. The museum also offers lesson plans and questions for students. Special Memorial Day programming will also be available.

Washington Crossing Historic Park

While much of the park is closed to the public, you can still learn online about how George Washington crossed the Delaware to defeat the British at Trenton. Lesson plans help children learn what colonial life was like, making food like the settlers, and more.

Colonial Williamsburg

Students can take a virtual tour of the art collection and the governor’s mansion at Colonial Williamsburg and discover what life was like in early America.

USS Constellation

Students can virtually explore the USS Constellation, a civil war ship docked in Baltimore, Maryland.

Independence National Historic Park

The park provides various online curriculum about historic figures such as Benjamin Franklin, and Martin Luther King Jr. for varying grade levels.

Valley Forge National Historic Park

Free online curriculum about the events at Valley Forge are available at the park’s website. There students can learn about the soldiers at Valley Forge and why it was the location of the Continental Army’s winter camp.

Mount Vernon

Learners can still explore George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon, through virtual events. Monday through Friday at 2 pm EST, the estate livestreams events such as mansion tours, history lessons, and lessons for grades K-12 students.


For $10, families can receive an hour long, livestreamed guided tour of Thomas Jefferson’s estate, Monticello. (Available Tuesday – Saturday). During the tour, online visitors can explore the home and grounds surrounding the estate.

Virtual Tour of Gettysburg National Park

On site park rangers guide students through the Battle of Gettysburg. Students can learn about the historical figures and the military action that occurred in one of the most important battles of the Civil War.

Pearl Harbor National Park

While the park remains closed due to COVID-19, you can still learn about the historical events at Pearl Harbor from park rangers in this series of short videos.

The U.S. Capitol

The website provides videos and other educational tools so students can still visit and learn about the nation’s capitol virtually.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Students can take a virtual tour of the museum, and the website provides a host of online learning resources including online exhibitions, newspaper articles, and other resource tools.

USS Constitution Museum

While closed to the public due to COVID-19, students can still explore the oldest seaworthy commissioned ship in the U.S. Navy through games, videos, virtual tours, and learning resources.

Library of Congress

Students can visit the Library of Congress through virtual tours. They can also utilize the library’s online resource tools.

Rosetta Stone

Students can learn Spanish and other languages with this online platform.

America’s Test Kitchen

This online program incorporates math, reading, and science and teaches children how to cook simple recipes at the same time. Moreover, the program is available for free due to COVID-19 and requires minimal trips to the grocery store.

Breakout EDU

This resource provided educational games in math, science, and language arts for elementary and high school students for free.


Here, students can improve their math and reading skills through videos and reading passages. The online program is always free.


This online platform offers lesson plans covering various subjects such as math, reading, and science for free.

Dorothy Shain’s Art History Lesson of the Week

On Instagram, Dorthy Shain offers free art history lesson for young children once a week. 

Fluency Matters

This program offers free access for 21 days and helps students understand a foreign language.


This resource provides activities where children (pre-K-third grade) learn more about language arts and mathematics. Parents can download worksheets for free.

BBC History for Kids

BBC has a kid’s history section on their website where children can learn more about British history ranging from ancient history to the histories of the nation’s various regions.

The New York Times

Students can access the online version of the New York Times and engage with activities and other learning resources. Student and teachers can also access the New York Times at significantly discounted rates.

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan

The museum offers new daily activities to help children keep learning. Many of the activities are designed for small children.

Penguin Educator

Teachers and students can access free discussion guides and activities.  


This online platform provides free geography quizzes for children.


Students can learn how to type, code, and more for free on this online platform.

White House Historical Association

With resources for K-12 students, this online resource provides information about the White House, presidential images, essays, virtual tours, and more.


This online resource has learning plans available for free for students in grades K-9. There are three hours of daily instruction for four weeks covering topics such as STEM, and Language Arts.


Using the code USATWINKLHELPS, parents can access various teacher made activity sheets, videos, and interactive presentations for children covering multiple subjects.


On this platform, students across various grade levels can access thousands of math and English lessons.

Skill Struck

Parents can access one month of computer science and coding software lessons for free on this platform. 

The San Diego Zoo

Students can watch live cameras of 11 different animals. They can also learn about animals through online games and activities.


Here, students can access live online musical performances. K-12 students can also access their free media library.

St Jude’s Research Hospital

The hospital is helping children learn by providing free worksheets in various school subjects online.

National Geographic Society

Students can explore various topics for free using lessons videos and articles. At 2 pm EST daily, students can hear National Geographic Explorers talk about their expeditions

Virtues in Practice

This three year Catholic school, character-building curriculum aims to cultivate virtues in K-8 students. The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecelia in Nashville, Tennessee, provide online workbooks, a program overview, and parent’s guide for free.


Student can gain access to free lessons in foreign languages on this platform which boasts more than 2,000 learning materials.

Great Minds

Students can access these recordings of instructors to hone their math skills (K-12), brush up on their Language Arts studies (1-8), and learn more about Science (3-5) for free at this online resource. Lessons are updated daily.


This resource helps students review math and language arts studies. New content is posted regularly and worksheets are available for download.

K12 Inc.

Families can access free online curriculum and more than 17,000 ebooks on this platform.

Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft released its education resources to help children at home. The program provides 50 lessons, STEM, and project based learning activities. Using the platform, students can visit the international space station, explore the human eye, tour D.C.’s most memorable sites, and more.

Great Courses

More than 770 courses covering topics such as science, history, Spanish, and piano. Over 500 select courses are currently discounted by 70%. 

Khan Academy

Provides free online supplementary videos to help K-12 students learn various subjects including AP courses.


This online platform seeks to develop programming and coding skills in students. Preliminary lessons are free and students can pay a fee for more learning.

Marginal Revolution University

A free online platform that teaches economics. The program is designed to appeal to older children.


Available through many public libraries, Lynda.com is a free online resource that allows learners to access a variety of topics, such as software development, design and business.


Online videos on topics across the board, educators can tailor the programming to meet the needs of learners.


Free online courses that include classes such as Japanese and psychology.


A digital library for students ages 12 and under. Students attending district schools can contact their teacher to gain access.

Voces Digital

An online resource that engages Spanish, French, and English learners.


The platform provides access to 40+ coding resources for students. The program contains accessible content for elementary and middle school children.


This program teaches students coding and computer science.

2Simple-Purple Mash

Free of charge for the duration of a school’s closure due to COVID-19, this online program can engage students on a variety of subjects ranging from math to history. It also provides access to over 100 books.


This program caters to K-8th grade students and English learning students. It covers a vast array of topics including history and math. Its full programming is available to schools for the entirety of their closures due to COVID-19.


This program engages students with more than 1,500 games which encourage them to develop communication, critical thinking, and creativity skills.


The online program helps teachers create differentiated lessons for students at different levels.


Lessons and assessment tools for teachers to use online with their students pertaining to a variety of subjects. The program is free until April 30 or until schools reopen.


Designed for K-8th grade students, this helps students improve their grades. In particular, MobyMax can help English learners and students with IEPs.

Scholastic Learn From Home

A five day program designed to help children learn from home. The program targets grades K-6+.


Designed for middle and high school students, the program provides 10,000 educational resources and 400 personalized lesson plans to help students hone the test skills.

Home School Legal Defense Association

Get a crash course in homeschooling through the Home School Legal Defense Association’s homeschooling through high school page

Code Break 

A program that teaches students computer science at home, even offering learning options for students without computers. 

University of Dallas’ Arts in Liberty

More advanced students can check-out the courses in LogicRhetoricGeometry and Arithmetic, and Astronomy


A free service that offers to supplement lessons, and homework. The program offers thousands of learning tools through their online resource library.

Discovering Education

The Experience platform provides 190,000 “editable activities” for K-12 students. Learning experiences include lessons and videos that cover topics such as social studies, math, and science. 

Curriculum Associates

This resource provides printable learning packets that K-8 students can use at home. The lessons are self-directed and include subject matter such as math and reading.

Carnegie Learning iCulture

This program immerses students (grades 6-12) in German, French, and Spanish through recent news articles and travel videos.

Arizona State University

ASU is offering three new learning resources in light of COVID-19.

  • Ask a Biologist” and “Ask an Anthropologist” provide teachers with lesson plans, video transcriptions, and activity ideas. Students can complete games, puzzlers, and reach out to experts to learn more.
  • Virtual Field Trips allow students to explore 18 different field trips through videos and maps. These include trips to the Grand Canyon, the rainforest, and more.

American Museum of Natural History

The museum is helping children learn through “Ology” where they learn about a variety of topics such as Archeology, Physics, and Marine Biology. Students can learn through hands on activities, videos, and stories.

Amazon Future Engineer

Amazon is offering free computer science classes online during the COVID-19 quarantines. The courses are tailored to elementary, middle, and high school students.


This platform offers free access to articles covering various topics like social studies, science, and math. Products are available to children with and without internet. Students who do not have internet can receive printable packets that contain lessons in multiple subjects.

LightSail Education

Students can access 6,000 fiction and non-fiction books at LightSail.