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Math and Science Lessons and Resources

Apr 15, 2020 6 min read

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Science at Home

This platform shows students how to perform various DIY experiments at home. Experiments include making a parachute, catapult, a solar cooker, and more.


This platform provides videos and other learning resources about animals and the environments they live in across the globe.

This resource helps children learn how to improve their multiplication skills.

American Chemistry Society

Students can use this online resource to access videos, and articles about chemistry for free. Usually used as a supplemental resource by teachers, this material is a great way to help students interested in science remain engaged in their studies.

Backpack Sciences

Purchasing a membership to Backpack Sciences provides access to videos and lesson plans for teachers and homeschooling parents.

California Science Center

At 10 am PDT during weekdays, the center streams live science experiments for children that can be done with household supplies.

Ranger Rick

With schools closed across the country this online platform is making its website free to all visitors through the end of June and making current digital editions of its magazines free for the next few months.

Access Mars

Students can explore the planet Mars this this online platform with 360° views.

The Audubon Society

Students can learn about birds through DIY activities and how to identify birds in their backyard.

Cool Math

This online platform helps children (ages 3-12) develop math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

The Exploratorium

The San Francisco museum’s website provides children with access to online learning materials so they can continue to learn about science remotely.

Anatomy in Clay

Here students can access free resources and publications as they learn more about anatomy.


Students learn from a variety of free STEM based lessons and activities. The platform also provides access to virtual field trips.


The program is free to students, parents, and teachers due to COVID-19. Students (grades 1-6) can improve their math skills on this online platform.

University of Waterloo Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) 

Here students (grades 4-12) can gain access to free online games and projects. Content is regularly updated by faculty and retired teaching staff. 

Voyager Sopris Learning

Purchasing access to this online resource helps students (grades K-8) hone their math skills by earning badges.

Science News for Students

The online platform offers more than 200 STEM free lessons to high school students. It also offers information about the ongoing pandemic. There is also material appropriate for younger students as well.

Thames and Kosmos

Students can use this website to learn more about science. The tools include videos and experiments to help students learn.


This resources can help students to hone their math skills with quizzes and games. The platform is providing free access to their resources on ACT, ISEE, SAT preparation and its materials for grades 4-11 during the COVID-19 crisis. 


This online resource is providing simulations of experiments for high school districts for free. Students can learn about biology, chemistry, and more.

The League of Young Inventors

The platform gives students free online projects and lessons. Each lesson includes a video to help guide students. The program is STEM based, and also includes additional resources that families can use to supplement student learning.

Legends of Learning

To help students improve their math skills, this online platform is now offering free access to their math and science games for the rest of the school year. There are more than 2,000 games available.

Math Nation

Students can engage in lessons, hands on projects, and videos about mathematics.

Math Chase

This online platform offers free math games helping students hone skills like multiplication, division, and addition and subtraction.

MEL Science

Students can use these free online lessons to do hands-on, DIY science projects. They can also access free webinars (MEL Academy) where teachers explain science lessons and experiments.

I Know It

This online resource is offering a 30 day trial to more than 500 math activities. Parents can track student progress and test scores.

JumpStart Academy

Students in grades 1-3 can learn about math, measurements, and more. The platform has online games that students can use to improve the understanding of mathematics.


This resource helps 1-12 student supplement their math learning. The online platform walks students through particular assignments to help them improve their math skills.

South Carolina Aquarium

Students can visit the aquarium virtually. At 10 am students can enjoy a STEM based lesson, and at 1 pm they can participate in a Family Nature Challenge.

Prodigy Math

A free online platform to help 1-8 grade students learn math.

Mystery Science

An online resource that engages students with videos and projects. The program is offering a free trial until June 30, 2021.

Smithsonian Institution

The institution provide online activities and resources for learners. The Learning Lab, in particular provides access to more than a million resources that can be tailored to improve the student experience.


Students can use this resource to compete with each other to hone their math skills. The program is available free of charge to schools that are closed due to COVID-19.


A 1st-8th grade online math curriculum which allows students to practice their math skills. The product is free of charge.


This program aims to help learners ages K-8 through online math courses and is being offered at no cost until June 30, 2021.


An online program designed to improve student critical thinking and math skills. It is free during the school closures due to COVID-19.

The Space Foundation

In partnership with Peanuts, The Space Foundation created 10 free lesson plans in its “ongoing quest to catalyze the next generation of space explorers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.”


An online math learning program that aims to support teaching, homework, and lessons. The program offers 7 days of complimentary access.

Carnegie Learning LONG-LIVE-MATH

Carnegie Learning accumulated various math learning resources to help families find additional math resources (specifically grades 6-12). They also are providing free access to their online math coaching resource, MATHia.