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College Level Courses

Apr 15, 2020 3 min read

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Students can access various college and graduate level courses for free. Courses included topics such as architecture, mathematics, and sciences classes. The site includes online text books, and audio and video lectures.


The University of Michigan provides access to a robust variety of classes such as chemistry, dentistry, and much more. Learners can also access syllabi and lessons.


This program allows students to build their own courses. The site is a mix of paid and free content.

Harvard Extension

This platform provides several free online courses to students. They can learn about topics such as ancient Greece and computer science.

UC Berkeley Class Central

This platform offers 68 free courses which cover topics such as statistics, marketing analytics, and English and literature composition.

Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative

Students can access a variety of free and low-cost college courses. Some of the free courses cover topics, such as programming, evidence based management, general chemistry, and Chinese.

University of Oxford

Students can listen free podcasts on various topics, such as biology, mathematics, philosophy, and computer science to name a few.

Open Learn

Students can take free college courses and learn about art history, classical studies, philosophy, and more.


Students can check out college level courses on this platform. Some of the classes are free, such as Peter Struck’s (University of Pennsylvania) Greek and Roman Mythology course.

University of Reading

Students can explore various college level courses some of which are free. In particular, students can take a virtual tour of Rome for free.

Hillsdale College Online

Open Culture

Provides access to free online courses from universities worldwide. Learners can also access audiobooks and documentaries.


This resource offers access to free online courses from universities on topics such as language, business management, and engineering.

Academic Earth

The platform provides access to a variety of college courses ranging from Art History to Economics and Biology.

Class Central

450 Ivy League courses available online for free.