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Civics Lessons and Resources

Apr 15, 2020 3 min read

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1776 Unites Curriculum

This free curriculum provides history and civics lessons online. Currently three lessons are available that focus on excellence in Black History. More lessons will be added monthly for grades K-8. Each lesson has lesson plans, assignments, discussion questions, multimedia, and other resources. 

Jack Miller Center Video Series on the Declaration of Independence

In this short video series, students can learn about what the Founders meant by equality, liberty, and the role the Declaration of Independence played during the Civil War.

Jack Miller Center’s Online Learning Center

JMC offers various lectures, primary online sources, access to the 1st Amendment Library, and more for free online. 

Collaborative Curriculum: Bill of Rights

This is a comprehensive civics curriculum available online for free. The curriculum walks students through the Bill of Rights and couches the discussion in its philosophic and historical context. 

The National Constitution Center

The Center is providing an 8 week online course about the constitution for middle and high school students. The daily interactive lectures are available online for free.

Free Enterprise Now

This online curriculum guide provides five video lessons on free enterprise. Student can engage in essay or discussion questions provided in the curriculum guide after watching the videos. The website also provides various other resources.


Student can play games and learn about how government works through the program’s remote learning toolkit. Parents can gain access by signing up for a free educator account.

Ashbrook Center

The Ashbrook Center seeks to restore and strengthen the capacities of the American people for constitutional self-government. Ashbrook teaches students and teachers across our country what America is and what she represents in the long history of the world. 

Heritage Foundation: First Principles Series

Reading the Right Books: A Guide for the Intelligent Conservative by Lee Edwards

How to Read the Federalist Papers by Anthony Peacock

Why States: The Challenge to Federalism by Eugene W. Hickok

Religious Liberty in the American Republic by Gerard V. Bradley

The Book of Virtues by William J Bennett

Declaration of Statesmanship: A Couse in American Government by Richard Ferrier Ph.D. and Andrew Seeley Ph.D.

The Bill of Rights Institute

The Institute has a wealth of history curriculum resources.