SCOTUS 101: Justice Jackson’s First Day


SCOTUS 101: Justice Jackson’s First Day

Oct 7, 2022 1 min read

Commentary By

GianCarlo Canaparo

Senior Legal Fellow, Edwin Meese III Center

Zack Smith @tzsmith

Senior Legal Fellow, Meese Center for Legal Studies

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The Justices are back in their marble palace, and their newest member has joined the fray of oral argument. Your hosts, Zack and GianCarlo, share the latest SCOTUS news, discuss new cases, and chat about Justice Jackson's oral argument style. Zack interviews Judge Stephen Vaden of the Court of International Trade who talks about his early years working on a farm, to his days at Yale law, and his experience as a specialist judge. He also shares his thoughts on the ongoing Yale Law free-speech controversies. Last up, GianCarlo is delighted to stump Zack with supreme-spouse trivia.

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