Replaces Personalized Health Care with Big Government Decision Making

How Biden’s Budget Busting Reconciliation Hurts the Economy, Families and Individuals

Replaces Personalized Health Care with Big Government Decision Making

  • The reconciliation bill takes a giant step towards creating a completely government-run health care system by giving D.C. politicians more power over your health care decisions.
  • This includes creating new “health benefits” that D.C. politicians and unelected bureaucrats determine—meaning you and your family have little say in the matter. 
  • It also permanently cements wasteful expansions in Obamacare that would benefit primarily the rich and insurance companies.  
  • Additionally, the proposal has perverse incentives that will make employers drop existing health coverage for their workers and push them onto the government health program, which means millions of Americans will be pushed into Obamacare plans with their high cost-sharing and narrow physician networks.
  • Lawmakers also want to control prescription drug prices. A recent study by University of Chicago economists estimated that the drug pricing provisions would reduce R&D investments in the pharmaceutical sector by more than 44% and result in 254 fewer new drug approvals over the next two decades.


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