Election Fraud Cases

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State Year Name Case Type Fraud Type Details
StateMarylandYear2014NameFredericus SlicherCase TypeCriminal ConvictionFraud TypeIneligible VotingDetails

Fredericus Slicher, a registered sex offender and illegal alien, pleaded guilty to ineligible voting in the 2012 election as well as several other criminal charges. He had been illegally voting in federal and state elections since 1976. He was sentenced to serve three months in jail, one year of supervised release, and ordered to pay $49,928 in restitution for illegally collected Social Security and Medicare benefits.

StateMarylandYear2013NameWendy RosenCase TypeCriminal ConvictionFraud TypeDuplicate VotingDetails

Wendy Rosen pleaded guilty to duplicate voting in the 2006 and 2010 elections. Though she resided in Florida, she voted in both Florida and Maryland. At the time of her prosecution, Wendy Rosen was running as the 2012 Democrat candidate for Maryland's 1st U.S. Congressional District, but when the fraud came to light, she was forced to withdraw from the race. She was sentenced to five years' probation, a $5,000 fine, and 500 hours of community service.

StateMarylandYear2013NameElsie Virginia SchildtCase TypeDiversion ProgramFraud TypeFraudulent Use Of Absentee BallotsDetails

Elsie Virginia Schildt, of Frederick, pleaded guilty to attempting to vote more than once in the same election. She had attempted to submit an absentee ballot in her mother's name in the 2012 general election, despite the fact that her mother had died more than a month beforehand. She was sentenced to probation before judgment and required to perform 40 hours of community service.

StateMarylandYear2012NamePaul Schurick and Julius HensonCase TypeCriminal ConvictionFraud TypeMiscellaneousDetails

Paul Schurick, the former Campaign Manager to Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich, was convicted of election fraud after approving a robocall to black voters telling them not to vote because the Democrats had already won the 2010 gubernatorial election. A Circuit Court Judge spared Schurick jail time, opting to sentence him to 30 days' home detention, four years of probation, and 500 hours of community service. Julius Henson was also convicted on one count of conspiracy to violate election law for his part in recording the robocall. A Circuit Court judge sentenced Henson to 60 days in jail and ordered him to complete 300 hours of community service.

StateMarylandYear2013NameLinda Earlette WellsCase TypeDiversion ProgramFraud TypeFraudulent Use Of Absentee BallotsDetails

Linda Earlette Wells pleaded guilty to impersonating a voter after she attempted to vote as her deceased mother. While she was a registered voter in Florida, Wells called the town where her mother had been registered, claimed to be her mother (who had passed away) and asserted that she had not, in fact, died. She then obtained an absentee ballot and attempted to vote in the 2012 presidential election.

StateMarylandYear2018NameChris StroughCase TypeCriminal ConvictionFraud TypeBallot Petition FraudDetails

Chris Strough and her husband, Queensbury Supervisor John Strough, violated state election law while obtaining signatures on a petition to get John Strough on the Conservative Party primary ballot. John Strough, a Democrat, was required by law to have a notary present for each signature he obtained because he was targeting voters outside of his own party. His wife, a notary public, claimed to have witnessed each signature and read the signer an oath to swear. However, investigators determined she actually remained in the car for many signatures and did not interact with voters. As part of a plea deal, Chris Strough pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, was fined $200, and gave up her notary license, while charges against John Strough will be dismissed pending six months of good behavior.

StateMarylandYear2017NameJohn DoeCase TypeCriminal ConvictionFraud TypeIneligible VotingDetails

"John Doe," a likely illegal alien whose real name and country of origin remain unknown, stole the identity of Cheyenne Moody Davis, a U.S. citizen, and used it to obtain a driver's license, passport, and Social Security card. He also registered and successfuly voted in the 2016 presidential election. Doe was convicted on two counts of voter fraud, as well as aggravated identity theft and passport and social security fraud. He was sentenced to serve 42 months in prison.