Voter Fraud Report

David Cole

David Cole, a Republican member of the Alabama House of Representatives from the 10th District, was charged by the state with one felony count of false registration after falsely claiming he resided in Alabama’s 10th state house district during the 2022 Primary and General Election. He also voted in 2022 in the 10th district even though he lived in District 4. Just before filing, Cole entered into a $5-per-month lease at a home in District 10, which he never occupied, although he registered that as his voting address and had mail sent there. Cole falsely claimed that he sold his District 4 house. Cole's crime came to light during his campaign to represent AL-10 in the state's House of Representatives, but did not conclude until after the election, which Cole won by 973 votes. He pleaded guilty to knowingly voting in a location for which he was not authorized, was sentenced to 60 days in Madison County jail and three years of probation, agreed to resign from his legislative seat,  and was ordered to pay $52,885.79 in restitution (all the money he made while employed as a Representative). A new election was held on December 12, 2023.


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