Voter Fraud Report

Eugene Lamar Florence

Eugene Florence, a fifteen-time convicted felon, was charged by the state with two felony counts of submitting fraudulent voter registrations in Lee County in and around November 2021. Florence, working for a third-party voter registration organization named Hard Knocks Strategies LLC, knowingly submitted fraudulent voter registration forms with forged signatures for individuals who had not requested the forms and did not know or authorize Florence to fill them out. Although charged with only two fraudulent submissions, an affidavit alleged that 29 fraudulent registrations had been submitted by Florence and five others in Lee County and another 29 suspicious registrations were submitted by employees of the same company in Charlotte County. The organization was fined $46,600 for violations of third-party voter registration laws, including submitting registrations after the deadline, to the wrong county, and from residents of another state. Florence pleaded no contest to the two felony charges, was sentenced to 16 months in prison (to be served concurrently with another sentence he is serving for burglary), and assessed $1,498 in fines and court costs.


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