Voter Fraud Report

Roland Bauer

Roland Bauer, of Winter Springs, was charged by the state with one count of fraud in connection with casting a vote and one count of mail-in ballot fraud for submitting a fraudulent absentee ballot during the 2020 General Election. He requested, filled out, and submitted an absentee ballot posing as his son, who lived in New Mexico. The son contacted law enforcement to report that someone had requested and submitted a ballot on his behalf in Florida, despite his not living in the state for the past seven years and his being registered to vote in New Mexico. Roland admitted his role in fraudulently casting a ballot for his son. He was sentenced to a pre-trial diversion program of 24 months; upon successful completion of the program his charges will be dropped. He was ordered to pay $50 per month during his program period and assessed $5,519.36 in fees.


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