Voter Fraud Report

Tonia Marie Gordon

Tonia M. Gordon, of Wake County, was changed by the state for her role in connection with an absentee ballot trafficking scheme to benefit Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris during the 2016 general and 2018 primary elections. Gordon and others were affiliated with Leslie McCrae Dowless, a political operative in Bladen County and a consultant for Harris. Eason and others would unlawfully collect ballots from voters, falsely claim to have witnessed the voter casting his or her vote, and then mail the ballots in a manner to conceal that the voter had not mailed the ballot.  Gordon pleaded guilty to three felony charges: conspiracy to commit felonious obstruction of justice, possession of absentee ballot, and conspiracy to commit possession of absentee ballot.  Gordon was sentenced to 120 days in a misdemeanor confinement program which was suspended to a sentence of 12 months of probation, ordered to complete 100 hours of community service, and assessed fees and costs of $956.

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