Election Fraud Cases

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State Year Name Type of Case Type of Fraud
StateNew HampshireYear2021NameOle OisinCase TypeCriminal ConvictionFraud TypeFalse Registrations

Ole Oisin pleaded guilty to two counts of wrongful voting in connection with the February 2020 presidential primary, both Class A misdemeanors under state law. Oisin, a naturalized citizen, submitted false information stating his place of birth as "Senegal, Nation of Islam" when Oisin was born in Ireland. He also submitted an incorrect date of birth and address on his voter registration information. He was sentenced to concurrent terms of 90 days in jail, which were suspended for two years subject to good behavior.  He was also fined $2,000, with $1,000 suspended for two years subject to good behavior. Pursuant to state law, Oisin also lost his right to vote.

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StateNew HampshireYear2019NameSpencer McKinnonCase TypeCriminal ConvictionFraud TypeFalse Registrations, Duplicate Voting

Spencer McKinnon, a student studying at the University of New Hampshire, mailed an absentee ballot to his hometown of Dracut, Massachusetts and then registered to vote in Durham, New Hampshire. His attempt to vote twice in the 2016 election was detected thanks to New Hampshire's participating in the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program. McKinnon pleaded guilty to providing a false statement on a voter registration form, a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to serve six months in a state correctional facility, but that sentence was suspended on the condition that McKinnon pay a $2,000 fine and complete 200 hours of community service. He was also stripped of his right to vote in New Hampshire.

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StateNew HampshireYear2018NameAnonymousCase TypeOfficial FindingFraud TypeFalse Registrations

Two individuals voted in 2016 in Dixville Notch's primary, despite not residing or having established a domicile there. They were warned they would face criminal prosecution if they did it again. Their cases were included in an official report compiled by New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner and other state election officials, but their names were redacted.

Source: https://herit.ag/2TE4X7D, https://herit.ag/2UXQbZT

StateNew HampshireYear2017NameDon LeemanCase TypeCriminal ConvictionFraud TypeFalse Registrations

Don Leeman, a former state Representative, was charged with bribery and witness tampering charges. The charges were filed after an investigation into the location of Mr. Leeman's home, which was outside of the district he was representing. This is not permissible under New Hampshire law. Leeman agreed to a plea deal that only required him to plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge. He was issued a deferred $1,200 fine and was ordered to complete 200 hours of community service.

Source: https://herit.ag/372GV9l

StateNew HampshireYear2014NameLorin C. Schneider, Jr.Case TypeCriminal ConvictionFraud TypeFalse Registrations

Lorin C. Schneider, Jr., a resident of Massachusetts, pleaded guilty to three counts--one felony and two misdemeanors--of wrongful voting. He voted in New Hampshire in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections and in the 2012 Democratic primary. Schneider was given a suspended sentence and a $5,000 fine, and he is permanently barred from voting in New Hampshire, even if he were to change his residency and become eligible.

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StateNew HampshireYear2006NameTimothy BarnesCase TypeCriminal ConvictionFraud TypeFalse Registrations

Timothy Parnes was convicted of providing a false address when registering to vote. He was fined $500.

Source: https://herit.ag/3rH63vN