The Heritage Foundation Awards Christopher F. Rufo The 2024 Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship

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The Heritage Foundation Awards Christopher F. Rufo The 2024 Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship

May 22, 2024 3 min read

WASHINGTON—The Heritage Foundation announced Wednesday that it awarded the 2024 Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship to Christopher F. Rufo, a writer, activist, journalist, and documentary filmmaker who is leading the fight against critical race theory (CRT), diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and the gender movement in American institutions. 

Taking aim at CRT in schools, corporate giants like Disney, hospitals engaging in so-called “gender-affirming” care of minors, or most recently NPR, he is at the forefront of the key battles to renew the foundations of America and rid the world of the scourge of identity politics. His exposés and activism have influenced presidential orders and legislation in 15 states to enact state bans on the teaching of critical race theory and radical gender indoctrination in American schools. 

Heritage Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts released the following statement on the award: 

“Woke ideologies are infiltrating America’s institutions. We cannot afford to sit back as a small but vocal contingent of radical activists tear down the very fabric of our nation. Christopher Rufo has stood firm and contested this rot. He has been a leading figure in exposing how modern-day progressivism endangers our American way of life.

“From critical theory in our children's classrooms and DEI infecting higher education/bureaucracy to woke and weaponized ESG in American boardrooms, his tireless efforts have brought these critical issues to the forefront of American's minds and paved the way for vital solutions. Heritage is delighted to award him the 2024 Salvatori Prize, and we commend him for his commitment to upholding the principles of the American Founding.”    

Accepting the award at the Heritage Strategy Forum, Rufo said:   

“America faces a cultural revolution. A new wave of progressivism is undermining our country’s institutions. If the American public is unaware of this cultural crisis, our country could soon cease to exist. I am honored to receive the prestigious Salvatori Prize from The Heritage Foundation—the premier conservative organization fighting to advance traditional American values. I look forward to working more with Heritage to counter these evil ideologies and reveal the truth to the American people.” 

Background: The Salvatori Prize is given annually to “an American citizen or organization who upholds and advances the principles of the American Founding, embodies the virtues of character and mind that animated the Founders and exemplifies the spirit of independent and entrepreneurial citizenship in the United States.” It is given under the namesake of Henry Salvatori, who was an immigrant, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and dedicated conservative activist. 

Previous recipients include Students for Fair Admissions, Tucker Carlson, Moms for Liberty, the Washington Free Beacon, Mollie Hemingway, Dr. Robert Jackson, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, the Green and Hahns families, and former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson. 

Christopher Rufo is also the author of America's Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything. In his best-selling novel, he does a deep dive into the infiltration of Marxist ideology into our institutions and popular culture. He traces this long march of radicalization from the campus to government to the board room, culminating in a call to action to fight back and reclaim these institutions. And, he helped launch the New College of Florida, where they are charting a different path to revitalize the classical liberal arts tradition and restore the original mission of the college.