Did you know that in many cities, the average police response time to the highest priority emergency calls is still over 10 minutes?


The 1992 Los Angeles Riots engulfed the city in a days-long wave of uncontrolled looting and destruction. The city’s Koreatown neighborhood, home to many immigrant-owned small businesses, was among the communities hardest hit by the riots. Largely abandoned by local law enforcement, many Koreatown residents looked to their Second Amendment rights for protection, banding together in small armed groups to defend their livelihoods from further injury. Despite being wildly outnumbered, the armed residents of Koreatown proved themselves to be consistently capable of driving off looters. The “Rooftop Koreans” are perhaps the most widely recognized example of a community defending itself during civil unrest, but they are far from the only such example.

“Disarm a community and you rob them of the means of defending life. Take away their weapons of defense and you take away the inalienable right of defending liberty.” 26 —REPRESENTATIVE THADDEUS STEVENS, primary author of the 14th Amendment

Did you know that in many cities, the average police response time to the highest priority emergency calls is still over 10 minutes? 27


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