James W. Ceaser, Ph.D.

James W. Ceaser, Ph.D.

Former Visiting Scholar, B. Kenneth Simon Center for American Studies

Dr. Jim Ceaser is a leading scholar on American politics and political thought from the University of Virginia.

This expert is no longer a staff member at The Heritage Foundation.

James W. Ceaser is professor of politics at the University of Virginia, where he has taught since 1976.

Ceaser has written several books on American politics and political thought, including “Presidential Selection,” “Liberal Democracy and Political Science,” “Reconstructing America,” and “Nature and History in American Political Development.” Ceaser has held visiting professorships at the University of Florence, the University of Basel, Oxford University, the University of Bordeaux, and the University of Rennes. Ceaser is also a frequent media contributor.

Ceaser holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University.


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