Barb Van Andel-Gaby

Barb Van Andel-Gaby, Chairman

Director, Alticor

Heritage Trustee since 1996

Barb Van Andel-Gaby joined the Heritage Board of Trustees in 1996, and was elected Vice Chairman of the board in 2014 and Chairman in 2018.

Van Andel-Gaby is a member of the Board of Directors of Alticor, the parent company of Amway. She previously served as Vice President of Amway Hotel Corporation and as CEO of Peter Island Resorts. She retired from this position in 2006.

Van Andel-Gaby is Trustee of the Richard and Barbara Gaby Foundation. In addition to funding several charitable organizations, the Gaby Foundation founded the Center for Policy Studies at the Georgia Family Council, which is now called the Georgia Center for Opportunity. Van Andel-Gaby also serves on the board of Advisors for the Arete Scholarship Fund in Atlanta, Georgia.

A dedicated homeschooler since 1998, Van Andel-Gaby has homeschooled all six of her children. She is a member of the Georgia Home Education Association, the Home School Legal Defense Association, and several other home school organizations in Georgia. She is also a member of Perimeter Church of Atlanta, Georgia. 

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Van Andel-Gaby graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, and earned her MBA from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. She is married to Richard D. Gaby.