Andrew R. Wheeler

Andrew R. Wheeler

Former Visiting Fellow

Andrew Wheeler, former Environmental Protection Agency administrator, was a visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation.

This expert is no longer a staff member at The Heritage Foundation.

Andrew Wheeler, former Environmental Protection Agency administrator during the Trump administration, joined The Heritage Foundation as a visiting fellow. In his role as visiting fellow, Wheeler advises the Heritage team on the economic and environmental impact of energy, climate change, and environmental regulations.

Wheeler began his nearly two-decade career during President George H.W. Bush’s administration as a special assistant in the Environmental Protection Agency pollution prevention and toxics office. He went on to serve in many senior roles in energy and environment, including at FaegreBD Consulting. Prior to his work with the firm, Wheeler served for six years as the majority staff director and chief counsel, as well as the minority staff director of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. Before his time at the Senate EPW Committee, Wheeler served in a similar capacity for six years for the Senate Subcommittee on Clean Air, Climate Change, Wetlands and Nuclear Safety.

Wheeler is the past chairman of the National Energy Resource Organization (NERO) and a Stennis fellow.


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