Andrew McIndoe

Andrew McIndoe

Former Vice President, Development

Andrew was Vice President of Development at The Heritage Foundation.

This expert is no longer a staff member at The Heritage Foundation.

As Vice President of Development for The Heritage Foundation, Andrew McIndoe led the organization’s robust fundraising program for 500,000 Heritage members.

McIndoe was responsible for upwards of $130 million of giving activity each year. This included annual and future support for both The Heritage Foundation and its sister organization, Heritage Action for America (501c4). In this role, he oversaw a team of fifty—which included major gifts officers, portfolio researchers and managers, direct marketing experts, and marketing professionals.

“To walk into Heritage every day and know you’re working at the most effective think tank in the world is awe-inspiring,” says McIndoe. “Donors are the lifeblood of this organization. Our role in the development department is to let our members know how much we appreciate their support—and how their support keeps America free and safe for future generations.”

While at Heritage, McIndoe earned four promotions over the course of seven years. He first served as the Development Manager and then Development Director for Heritage Action, where he helped grow the organization’s annual revenue from $4 million to over $10 million. He then joined The Heritage Foundation as Senior Advisor for Strategy, then as Director of Donor Relations. His proven record of success resulted in becoming the youngest senior manager in Heritage’s history in September 2018.

McIndoe is a graduate of the Charles G. Koch Associate Program, during which he was a Development Associate at The Fund for American Studies before moving on to the Bill of Rights Institute as Development Director. Additionally, Andrew completed internships as Morton Blackwell’s intern at the Leadership Institute and at the Young America’s Foundation Reagan Ranch Center before spending the summer of 2009 as a development intern at The Heritage Foundation.

McIndoe was born and raised in Oak Ridge, North Carolina. He received his MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and graduated cum laude with high honors from Grove City College with a degree in Political Science and minor in Entrepreneurship. He resides in Alexandria with his wife, Haley, and two kids.


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