The Heritage Foundation Announces 2020 George C. Marshall Fellows

The Heritage Foundation Announces 2020 George C. Marshall Fellows

Feb 4, 2020 2 min read

WASHINGTON -- The Heritage Foundation announced today the selection of the 2020 George C. Marshall Fellows.

Since 2012, the George C. Marshall Fellows Program has provided exceptional young professionals with the opportunity to appreciate the development of grand strategy and the practice of strategic leadership. The program strives to provide a comprehensive overview of national security principles and to explain the application of those principles in real-life situations.

In previous years, the special speakers for Fellowship events have included notable figures from the national security and foreign policy fields like General Michael Hayden; former Senior Director for Strategic Planning on the National Security Council, Paul Lettow; and former Homeland Security Advisor to President George W. Bush Frances Townsend. Fellows will engage with national security and foreign affairs experts through the dinner and discussion events, as well as participate in the annual Yalta Conference Simulation along with cadets from the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Va.

The Heritage Foundation selected a diverse group of 27 professionals from all over Washington, D.C. This year’s fellows include congressional staffers, professionals from the Department of Defense, Department of State, members of the U.S. military, and experts from the private sector. The complete list of the 2020 George C. Marshall Fellows is posted below:

  • T.S. Allen, Captain, U.S. Army
  • AJ Bishop, Senior Associate/Wargaming and Concepts Analyst, Targeted Approach
  • Brigid Calhoun, Captain, U.S. Army
  • Colby Carrier, Navy Plans and Operations, U.S. Navy
  • Maiya Clark, Research Assistant, The Heritage Foundation
  • Troy Dougall, Legislative Assistant, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Patty-Jane Geller, Policy Analyst, The Heritage Foundation
  • Will Green, Policy Analyst, U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission
  • Steven Haines, Associate, Ernst & Young, LLP
  • Wesam Hassanein, Foreign Affairs Officer, U.S. Department of State
  • Alexis Hasty, Executive Assistant, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Omar Hossino, Professional Staff Member, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Clay Huddleston, Policy Analyst, U.S. Senate
  • James Freeman, Founder & Managing Partner, TriPacer Strategic Consulting, LLC
  • Audra Kinney, Military Legislative Correspondent, U.S. Senate
  • Mark McKinnon, Special Assistant, U.S. Department of Defense
  • Mac Moore, Systems Engineer, M.C. Dean - Security and Electronic Systems Division
  • Ricardo Pita, Legislative Correspondent, U.S. Senate
  • Dominic Restuccia, Military Legislative Assistant, U.S. Senate
  • Natalie Robinson, Research Assistant, Navanti Group
  • Nicole Robinson, Research Assistant, The Heritage Foundation
  • Alexandra Seymour, Special Assistant, National Security Council
  • Margaret Shakarashvili, Graduate Student, Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security
  • Keeghan Sweeney, Special Assistant, The Ronald Reagan Institute
  • Charles Truxal, Military Legislative Assistant, U.S. Senate
  • James Welsh, Legislative Assistant, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Chad Yelinski, Legislative Director, U.S. Senate
  • Channa Yu, Country Director for Korea, U.S. Department of Defense

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