Schumer Using January 6 to Accomplish Never-Ending Goal of Permanent Power: Kevin Roberts and Jessica Anderson

Schumer Using January 6 to Accomplish Never-Ending Goal of Permanent Power: Kevin Roberts and Jessica Anderson

Jan 5, 2022 3 min read

WASHINGTON—Today, Heritage President Kevin Roberts and Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson released a joint statement concerning Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s attempt to connect his party’s anti-voter election laws to the anniversary of Jan. 6:

“In 2021, state lawmakers ushered in smart and transparent election integrity reforms, making it easy to vote and hard to cheat. This work should be commended, as voter integrity and trust in our elections are the bedrock of our American democracy. Instead, the liberal elite spent all of 2021 creating a false narrative of voter disenfranchisement and suppression as Democrat leaders and the media tried to convince Americans reforms such as voter ID were racist.


“However, the American people did not buy into their lies, and Democrat leaders in Washington have now pivoted to the anniversary of Jan. 6. Sen. Schumer and his cronies are now using the events of last January as a means to accomplish their never-ending goal of permanent power.


“Disguised as a ‘voting rights’ bill, Schumer’s anti-voter agenda is nothing more than an attempt to take power away from the American people and forever undermine the integrity of our elections.


“This proposed legislation will give Washington bureaucrats power over our election systems and throw out measures like voter ID in every state—a common-sense measure that is continually supported by over 80% of the American people.


“Americans want voter integrity, and they know the left’s partisan narrative has nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with rigging the rules to keep Democrats in power to pass their agenda without our support.”


  • In March 2021, Heritage Action announced a $1 million initial investment to strengthen Georgia’s election laws and restore voter confidence in the state, followed by several TV ad buys aimed at dispelling myths around SB 202, Georgia’s election integrity bill.
  • After Gov. Kemp signed SB 202, politicians like President Biden and Sen. Schumer misled voters about the bill and were fact-checked by the Washington Post and Politifact.
  • The National Interest: The Real HR 1 Problem: Illegal Immigrants Voting?
  • Heritage Foundation: Election Integrity Scorecard
  • Heritage Foundation: Make It Easier to Vote, Harder to Cheat | Kevin Roberts and Hans von Spakovsky on Election Integrity
  • Heritage Action: Congress Should Boycott Pelosi’s Sham “Investigation” of January 6th
  • Heritage Action: Jan. 6 Committee Attacks Mark Meadows: “Another Obvious Attempt to Punish Conservatives and Sow Division”

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